The Oxford Cat Clinic

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24 Cherwell Drive, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0LY
Tel: 01865 950700
Hours: Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:30 Sat: 09:00-12:00, Sun: Closed
The Oxford Cat Clinic is a unique cat-only veterinary practice. 20 minute appointments as standard. Fully qualified and experienced vets and nurses.

The Oxford Cat Clinic is a feline only veterinary clinic which tailors vetinary care to the needs of each individual cat. Our friendly and experienced team offer the highest standard of care, compassion and veterinary treatment. We believe that good feline medicine takes time, which is why our standard appointments are 20 minutes in length.

Why Cat Only?

Your cat can relax in an environment in which they can feel happy, content and not threatened by the strange smells and noises generated by other species. If your cat is normally terrified at the vets try us, you will notice a difference. Our hospital boarding facilities are extremely comfortable and benefit from a calm atmosphere which reduces anxiety and aids patient recovery.

Our Marston Clinic is opened in 2017 as a sister Clinic to our flagship Botley Clinic which opened its doors in 2006. Both Clinics are fully equipped for all routine surgical and dental procedures, including vaccinations, neutering or spaying and dental x-rays. The Botley Clinic houses our referral hub and accommodation for those patients that have to stay overnight. Martha Cannon (Specialist in Feline Medicine) and Caroline Blundell (Advanced Practitioner in Feline Medicine) are the Clinic's Directors and as referral clinicians they look after more seriously ill cats and kittens from across the country whilst sharing their years of specialist feline knowledge with our dedicated and experienced first opinion vets. The referral team also includes our Specialist Surgeon Hannes Bergmann who offers surgery for both orthopaedic and internal medicine cases.

Whether it’s recovery from illness or accident or just a routine check-up the Oxford Cat Clinic is the veterinary practice your cat would choose.

You can register your cat by phoning the clinic on 01865 950700, or Book/Register online.

Other services at the Oxford Cat Clinic include:

  • The Cat’s Whiskers Plan – helping you spread the cost of preventative healthcare. Plans start from £8.99 per month. Kitten packages from £20.99 per month
  • Behavioural Advice – including inappropriate urination, introducing a new cat/kitten, scratching furniture and much more
  • Chronic condition management – kidney; heart; thyroid or liver issues; long term diarrhea; diabetes; cystitis
  • Silver Tails Clinics – A nurse-led clinic created for well cats over the age of 11 years with the aim of trying to pick up age-related problems earlier, to keep older cats healthier and happier for longer whilst keeping costs down
  • Acupuncture for a variety of conditions including arthritis
  • New to owning a cat or kitten – our nursing team are always happy to offer help and advice
  • Nurse Clinics – including obesity clinics, cystitis clinics, FREE 6 monthly health checks between vaccination, kitten support clinics, chronic condition clinics
Image of The Oxford Cat Clinic Image of The Oxford Cat Clinic Image of The Oxford Cat Clinic

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